Flexible Packaging Packaging Type Altitude Simulation with the AlphaLab Leak Testing with the AlphaLab Comments
Stand-up pouch & gusset
  • Cosmetic: shampoo & face powder.
  • Domestic care: pesticide and detergent powder.
  • Food: baby food, biscuits, cereals, chocolate, coffee, cocoa, confectionery, cookies, juices, milk (powder & liquid), noodle, tea, dry soup…
  • Pet food & care: dog and cat food, litter.
Pillow bag
  • Domestic care: detergent cream, detergent powder.
  • Food: biscuits, cereals, confectionery, cookies, cooking oil, dried soup, herbs, hybrid seeds, milk (powder or liquid), noodle, nuts, all crisps, preserved food, processed meat, snacks.
Extra-thin sachet
  • Cosmetic: facial masks.
  • Cosmetic: baby wipes, body lotion, cleansing wipes, toothpaste, face powder, face wipes, facial masks, shampoo, skin care, moisturizer, soap.
  • Domestic care: detergent powder, insect repellent, pesticide.
  • Food: baby food, cocoa, dried soup, flavours,
  • Health drinks, herbs, preserved food, processed meat, ready mixed soup, seasoning, tea, water.
  • Pet food & care: pet food.
  • Food: chocolate, coffee, confectionery, cookies, health drink, milk (powder & liquid), seasoning tea.
Bar wrap
  • Food: chocolate, confectionery, cookies, snack.
  • Cosmetic: body lotion, shampoo, soap.
  • Domestic care: detergent cream.
  • Food: baby food, cooking oil, health drink, juices.
Paperboard tube
  • Food: potato crisps.
  • Food: juices, yoghurt, water.
Coffee capsules
  • Food: coffee.
  • Food: baby food, confectionery, margarine, noodle, processed meat, snack, water.
Vacuum pack
  • Food: all freshly packed food.
Vacuum pack with hard content = peanuts
  • most difficult packaging to test: nuts In vacuumpack.
Maxi pillow packaging
  • 10 litres pack.