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Automatic O2 analyser

& leak detector

  • Fully automated
  • Measure leaks > 5 µm
  • Immediate digital data
  • Accurate analysis results
  • ISO 22000 & HACCP compliance
  • Operates without consumables
  • 3 years warranty
  • For inspection lines
AlphaPro Leak Detector
The GammaPro is a fully AUTOMATIC Leak Detector which is synchronized with a GammaTower (O2 analyser & patented perforating device manufactured by Astaara), and dedicated to Industries using Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP) to package food products. It has been specially designed for sample testing on assembly lines  in Factories handling large production volumes, and that have to follow Food Safety Management Systems according to ISO 22000 & HACCP.

The GammaPro enables food manufacturer to measure and check the O2 content of packed food just after the gas recipe has been injected in the packaging, and also to measure any leak of the flexible packaging.

To test products, divert samples from the assembly line to an inspection line where the GammaPro has been installed. The O2 analysis is performed first of all, immediately followed by the leak test, both without any human intervention whatsoever (it is a destructive test).

Full digital results are immediately available (the GammaPro will measure leaks > 5 μm), visible on the screen, and can be instantly transferred to the Manufacturing Process Control System or to your computer via a USB connection. Analyse the results on a pivot table, visualise the results on a Gauss chart on a separate optional monitor, set limits or stop production immediately should the packaging not conform to the pre-set parameters.

Automatic calibration check:
A calibrated leak is built-in the leak testing unit of the GammaPro. The value of this calibrated leak is stored in the instrument’s memory (the leak is ex-pressed in cc/mn at a given pressure in mB). The operator can compare the GammaPro performance with the calibrated leak value at any time, and determine if recalibration is required.

If the flow rate of the GammaPro at a given pressure is between the minimum and maximum limits, no further checks are needed, and you can continue to use your GammaPro. If not, further investigation is required.

Warranty: 3 years.

Histogram displayed on the optional monitor.
1. Fully automated process and immediate digital data:

Your flexible packaging can be tested immediately and in real time, without any human intervention whatsoever (destructive test). Results of O2 analysis and Leak Test are instantly transferred to the Manufacturing Process Control System or to your computer via an USB connection. You can set limits, stop production immediately should the packaging not conform to the preset parameters. Analyse the results on a pivot table in order to identify the area to improve. Histogram visualisation on a separate monitor is optional.

Histogram displayed on the optional monitor.
2.Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP) packaging Control:

With the GammaPro, check that all your packaging’s are flushed with the correct O2 level, and make sure that that they will be preserved until the last day of the shelf life by measuring the leak.

3. Accurate analysis results:

No more blocked needles compromising the results of your tests, no more guessing the size of the bubbles. Well adapted to packaging where there is little or no headspace (chocolate bar…), the GammaPro will deliver accurate results to help you improve your process in a very short period of time.

4. ISO 22000 & HACCP compliance:

Identify flexible packaging related critical points, conduct root cause analysis, establish your critical limit, test, correct, verify & document easily with the GammaPro. Avoid product recall by making sure your food is safe to consume until the last day of the shelf life.

5. Cost savings:

With the GammaPro, consumables like septum and needles are no longer needed. In addition, you can reduce wastage by better controlling the seal(s) of your flexible packaging, optimize the thickness of your film and save costs (the thickest film is not necessarily the best for your product).

6. Brand protection and lasting taste for your products:

Avoid humidity and bacteria getting into your packaging and compromise the taste of your products. For potato crisps manufacturers, preserve the crispiness and pillow effect.

Optional Monitor with Integrated Calculator

Optional monitor displaying a Gauss chart.

15.6″ monitor with integrated calculator.

The optional monitor with integrated calculator displays the leakage results of the previous 100 tests. The Histogram shows the distribution of the results, and helps to understand if the production is experiencing an unfavorable drift.


Size: 15.6″

Leak detection Test Sample

Full results without selection.

Focus on results below 20 cc/min.

Right scroll.

The GammaPro consists of 2 different units: a GammaTower (O2 analyser & patented perforating device) and a Leak Testing Unit. The GammaTower and the Leak Testing Unit  are communicating via a PS/2 cable and a PU tubing.

  1. GammaTower:

O2 analyser & patented perforating device.

OLED display 1,5 “.

Touch sensitive buttons for perforating depth.

Servo driven internal perforating thin conical stainless steel pointer.

Silicon bellows diameter: 15mm* (* other sizes / shapes: consult us).

Cantilever holder for free movement of tower.

O2 sensor: FIGARO KE 25 from Japan.
Temp: min/max 5 – 60°C.
When calibrated at both 0% and 100% of O2, accuracy in the range from 0-100% O2 shall be within ±5% of full scale.
Life expectancy at 20°C in normal air (1013hPa / 20.7% O2): 3 years.

  1. Leak Testing Unit:

The GammaPro Leak Testing Unit operates according to flow measurement at a Constant Pressure following DIN 55508-1 of 01/02/2018.

Structure: steel and ABS.

Display: 3,5” resistive touch screen.

Alicat electronic pressure controller from U.S.A., 1000 mbar scale.

Alicat mass flow meter from U.S.A., 1000 sccm scale.

Microprocessor: embedded ATMEL2560, 16 Mhz.

Calibrated leak port.

Foot print: 260 x 250 mm     Weight: 10 Kg.

If the GammaTower is to be stored for a long period of time, it must always be stored in vertical position, or on its side. Never upside down.

The GammaPro is guaranteed 3 years.

Maintenance: No specific maintenance required.

We recommend that the calibration of each ALICAT is checked every 12 months.

Weight: 10 kg approx. unpacked, 12 kg packed for export.

Dimensions: Export packed = 55 x 34 x 20 cm.

All components ROHS.

HS Code = 820730 Tools, interchangeable; (for machine or hand tools, whether or not power-operated), tools for pressing, stamping or punching.

1/ Are there any other fully automated leak testers combined with an O2 analyser available on the market?

No, there is no automatic leak tester combined with an Oanalyser available today, apart from the GammaPro. The main reason is that, presently, in order to perform an O2 analysis or a Leak Test on flexible packaging, you need to adhere a septum to the package and perforate it with a hollow needle, sometimes at an angle if there is no headspace. This operation can only be done manually.

The GammaPro works differently. It has a perforating tower that contains a solid thin conical stainless-steel pointer (the mechanism in the Perforating Tower is a worldwide patented invention), and does not need any septum. This invention enables the GammaPro to be fully automatic, with no equivalent on the market today.

2/ How long does it take to test the O2 content and the leak?

A flexible packaging of 0.1 litre would be tested for O2 content together with the leak test in less than 40 seconds.

3/ Why would I test the level of O2 since I just flushed my packaging with it, even if there is a leak, the difference would probably not noticeable?

That is correct. However, if you had just switched products on the same machine and you have modified the gas recipe, you may want to double check that the gas mix your machine is delivering it correct, valuable information if you are fully automated. This information will be transmitted to your computer, and if later the Quality Department is carrying out an investigating, the O2 content of the packaging after modification will be available. In addition, if the O2 content is incorrect, you can immediately rectify and avoid wasting product & precious gas.

4/ Why do I need a special leak tester for flexible packaging? Are the leak testers available not suitable?

Most available leak testers would use a leak test method known as Pressure Decay, which measures the difference in pressure during the test. The problem is, that for flexible packaging, the Volume of the package is also changing during the test. And since Pressure x Volume is a constant, you cannot measure the leak accurately if both Pressure and Volume are changing at the same time during the test. The Pressure Decay is however perfectly suitable for rigid packaging. The GammaPro is using the “Flow Measurement at a Constant Pressure” method according to DIN 55508-1 of 01/02/2018, particularly adapted to flexible packaging.

5/ Is there a risk that the package will be perforated totally, and the perforating pointer be damaged?

No, it is not mechanically possible that the perforating pointer will come in contact with the base, as it will stop 1 mm before.

6/ Who can assist me if anything goes wrong?

We can assist you by remote video conferencing if there is no Service Company in your area / Country. This would be during normal office hours. We are located in Singapore (GMT + 8). It is possible to support you outside of normal office hours by prior arrangement.

7/ Do you plan to have a CO2 analyser?

We do not plan to have one. We concentrate on leak analysis & O2 measurement for the flexible packaging Industry. To measure the transformation of the gas recipe inside the packaging when there is a leak, measuring O2 is sufficient. Besides, CO2 sensors are extremely expensive and need to be regularly calibrated.

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