Gamma Tower
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Stand alone bench-top O2 analyser 
with perforating tower
  • Accurate perforation
  • Operates without consumables
  • Much faster response than traditional O2 analysers
  • 3 years warranty
Bench-Top Perforating Tower

The Astaara GammaTower is a stand-alone bench-top O2 analyser with a perforating tower. The response time is much faster than traditional gas analysers, as there is no tubing between the sample and the gas sensor. In addition, it has been designed to replace the usage of expensive septa & needles. Just place the sample under the tower, adjust manually downwards, perforation starts automatically, perform the test and read the results on the OLED Display (1.5”) on the front of the GammaTower.

Warranty: 3 years.

1/ Accurate testing.

Currently, all main methods to leak test flexible packaging require that you use a septum & a hollow needle. When there is little space inside between the product and the packing (headspace), the hollow needle could pierce the food, which would partially or totally block the needle. As a consequence, the flow may become reduced, or even stopped, and the results of the gas test or leak test will likely be compromised.

The GammaTower is not using a hollow needle, but a solid thin conical stainless-steel pointer. It cannot get blocked, as the air or the gas is not passing  through it. Therefore, the measurements will always be 100% accurate regardless of the nature of the food tested.

2/ Cost savings.

With the GammaTower, consumables like septum and needles are no longer needed, as it is using a solid thin conical stainless-steel pointer.

3/ Faster response time.

The O2 sensor is very close to the sample. It does not have a long tubing like traditional gas analysers. Therefore, the response time is much shorter.

1. Stand:

  • Large table stand with focusing arm holder.
  • Cantilever holder for free movement of the tower.

2. Tower:
O2 analyser & patented perforating device.

  • OLED display 1,5 “.
  • Servo driven perforating stainless-steel pointer.
  • Silicon bellows.

O2 sensor: FIGARO KE25
temp: min/max 5 – 60°C.
When calibrated at both 0% and 100% of O2, accuracy in the range from 0-100% O2 shall be within ±5% of full scale).
Life expectancy at 20°C in normal air (1013hPa / 20.7% O2): 3 years.

3. Supply:
9~12 VDC 1 A (adapter 100-250 Vac 12VDC provided).
Outputs: 2 dry contacts ready/start to control a leak tester or gas analyzer.

USB: 19200.8.1
O2 % sent every 300 ms.

If the GammaTower is to be stored for a long period of time, it must always be stored in vertical position, or on its side. Never upside down.

The GammaTower is guaranteed 3 years.

Maintenance: No specific maintenance required.

Weight: 6 kg approx. unpacked, 8 kg packed for export.

Dimensions: Export packed = 55 x 34 x 20 cm.

All components ROHS.

HS Code = 820730 Tools, interchangeable; (for machine or hand tools, whether or not power-operated), tools for pressing, stamping or punching.

Perforating Tower for Leak Detection
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demo description 01/06/2021
1/ If I pack my products under Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP), is the GammaTower the right product for me?

If you only want to measure the O2 content of your packaging, yes, it is. But if you need to monitor the leak rate, should the O2 level be inconsistent, you need to consider the GammaLab to perform leak tests in your laboratory.

2/ Do you plan to have a CO2 Analyser?

We do not plan to have one. We concentrate on leak analysis & O2 measurement for the flexible packaging Industry. To measure the transformation of the gas recipe inside the packaging when there is a leak, measuring O2 is sufficient. Besides, CO2 sensors are extremely expensive and need to be regularly calibrated.

3/ What if I have difficulties using the GammaTower?

We can assist you by remote video conferencing if there is no Service Company in your area / Country. This would be during normal office hours. We are located in Singapore (GMT + 8). It is possible to support you outside of normal office hours by prior arrangement.

4/ Is there a risk that the package will be perforated totally, and the perforating pointer be damaged?

No, it is not mechanically possible that the perforating pointer will come in contact with the base, as it will stop 1 mm before.

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