Flexible packaging showroom

The range of products manufactured by Astaara has been designed to handle all flexible packaging in any variation (flat or stand-up) for the Food, Pet Care and Cosmetic Industries, with various types of content i.e. liquids, granules, powders, lumpy products, seeds, wet food, dairy products, creams, face masks, wet tissues…., either fully sealed or with slicer / zipper.

Perform leak tests (automatically: AlphaPro or manually in a laboratory: AlphaLab) or a O2 measurement followed by a leak test (automatically: GammaPro or manually in a Laboratory: GammaLab).

The above operations will optimize the shelf life of your products, save costs (no more consumables), also comply with  ISO 22000 & HACCP requirements.

In addition, by ensuring that your flexible packaging is not leaking, you will also preserve the “pillow effect”. If you are packaging crisps, for example, the “pillow packaging” role is to act as a protection for the contents, ensuring that the crisps are not crushed while being manipulated. This is particularly important when crisp bags are stacked in cartons, as the packaging at the bottom has to remain intact despite the weight of the other packaging on top, and protect the integrity of the crisps.

Pillow Packaging Testing
Pillow packaging.

We are able to perform a remote demonstration test for you with any flexible packaging, and we gladly accept samples, should we be unable to find your product in retail shops. Please complete the contact form and request a “live video demonstration”, we will be more than happy to assist.

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All the flexible packaging displayed can be tested with the Astaara range of products.