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Exploring Astaara’s High-Tech Leak Detectors for Packaging

The quality and safety of packaged products is paramount. However, leakage in the packaging is a common concern that can be sometimes beyond your control. This is because some packaging is prone to damage in varying temperatures and altitudes.

Leak detection equipment plays an important role in addressing such concerns. They help you detect and measure leaks in packaging for various industries such as food, pet care, and cosmetics.

Astaara is a leading provider of leak detection equipment offering a range of cutting-edge solutions designed to meet the stringent requirements of various industries.

In this blog, we will explore the cutting-edge leak detectors designed by Astaara to help you manage leak detection.

AlphaLab: Precision in Flexible Packaging Testing

Astaara’s AlphaLab is designed for laboratories that follow strict quality checks like ISO 22000 and HACCP. This leak detection tool is all about making sure your packaging meets the highest standards for food safety and quality.

What makes AlphaLab stand out?

  • Accurate Analysis: It can measure leaks larger than 5 µm and gives you instant digital results. No more waiting around for crucial information.
  • ISO 22000 and HACCP Compliance: AlphaLab ticks all the boxes for food safety and quality management. It’s built to meet the strictest standards.
  • Leak Size Visualization: Ever wondered about the size of potential leaks? AlphaLab has got you covered. Visualize and tackle issues head-on.
  • No Consumables Needed: Say goodbye to constant purchases. AlphaLab operates without consumables, making it a cost-effective solution for labs and R&D departments.
  • Altitude Simulation: Test your packaging under real-world conditions. The altitude simulation feature helps identify weak points, ensuring your products are ready for shipping at any altitude.
  • 3-Year Warranty: It comes with a 3-year warranty, vouching for its efficiency and quality.

GammaLab: Optimizing Shelf Life with MAP Technology

Designed specifically for industries using Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP), the GammaLab combines the AlphaLeakTester and the GammaTower to address the complexities of leak testing and O2 measurement. This integrated leak detection tool proves invaluable for manufacturers looking to extend the shelf life of their products while adhering to ISO 22000 and HACCP standards.

  • Altitude Simulation: Worried about potential leaks during air transport? GammaLab’s got it covered. Its altitude simulation feature helps identify and tackle issues that might happen during the journey.
  • Preserving Gas Composition in MAP: In the world of MAP, where the mix of gases inside the packaging helps maintain product freshness, GammaLab plays a crucial role. It ensures that the gas stays intact, preserving the product quality until the very last day of the shelf life. 

ASTAARA AlphaTower: Revolutionizing Perforating Instruments

Astaara’s AlphaTower redefines perforating instruments, eliminating the need for expensive septum and needles.

This small tool can easily connect to other devices like leak detectors or analyzers for oxygen and carbon dioxide. The AlphaTower simplifies the perforation process—put the sample under the tower and move it down by hand to make it perforate automatically. It comes with a 3-year guarantee.

GammaTower: Accelerating O2 Analysis

The GammaTower, a stand-alone bench-top O2 analyzer with a perforating tower, distinguishes itself with rapid response times and cost-effectiveness.

Unlike traditional gas analyzers, the absence of tubing between the sample and the gas sensor ensures swift results. Additionally, it replaces the need for expensive septa and needles, contributing to overall cost savings.

The OLED Display (1.5″) on the front of the GammaTower provides a user-friendly interface for easy operation. Simply place the sample under the tower, adjust it manually downwards, and initiate automatic perforation. The instant availability of results enhances efficiency in quality control processes.

AlphaPro: Streamlining Assembly Line Testing

For factories handling large production volumes, the AlphaPro stands out as a fully automatic leak detection equipment dedicated to flexible packaging. This device streamlines assembly line sample testing for the food, pet care, and cosmetic industries. Designed to align with ISO 22000 and HACCP standards, the AlphaPro conducts a destructive test without any human intervention.

The AlphaPro’s automatic calibration check ensures accuracy and reliability in its performance. The built-in calibrated leak allows operators to assess the device’s flow rate at any given pressure, facilitating quick checks for recalibration if necessary. Immediate digital results, compatibility with manufacturing process control systems, and a 3-year warranty make the AlphaPro an indispensable tool for large-scale production facilities.

GammaPro: Unifying O2 Analysis and Leak Detection

Designed for MAP, GammaPro is a fully automatic leak detection equipment synchronized with a GammaTower. This powerful combination is tailored for sample testing on assembly lines in factories with high production volumes. The GammaPro excels in measuring O2 content immediately after gas injection and detecting any leaks in flexible packaging.

Similar to its counterpart, the AlphaPro, the GammaPro offers an automatic calibration check, ensuring ongoing accuracy. The seamless integration of O2 analysis and leak detection in a single device simplifies quality control processes. With immediate digital results and the capability to stop production if the packaging does not conform to preset parameters, the GammaPro proves vital in maintaining food safety and quality standards.

The Bottom Line:

Astaara’s range of leak detection equipment represents a pinnacle in technological innovation for industries prioritizing product quality and safety.

From precise leak measurement to efficient O2 analysis, Astaara’s solutions cater to diverse manufacturing needs, providing comprehensive tools for laboratories, research and development, and assembly line testing.

With a commitment to compliance, efficiency, and durability, Astaara’s leak detection equipment is set to redefine the standards of quality control in the packaging industry.




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