MAP Packaging Shelf Life

How Astaara Help Improving MAP Packaging Shelf Life?

Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP) has revolutionized food preservation.

It has become a reliable solution for improving the shelf life of perishable products. In this blog, we understand the basic aspects of MAP for packaging, learning how Astaara play a pivotal role in optimizing this technique.

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Understanding MAP:

MAP, or Modified Atmosphere Packaging, is a cutting-edge method to improve the shelf life of perishable goods. Rather than sealing products in a conventional package filled with regular air, MAP introduces a specially crafted mix of gases. This blend typically includes nitrogen, which is inert and doesn’t react with the food, and carbon dioxide, known for preventing the growth of harmful microorganisms.

MAP aims to establish a controlled environment within the packaging, thereby slowing down the natural process of food spoilage. By replacing the atmosphere with the gas mixture, MAP ensures that products remain fresh on the shelf for an extended duration, providing consumers with high-quality goods.

Astaara Products: Optimizing MAP Packaging Shelf Life

While the benefits of MAP are evident, the effectiveness relies heavily on proper sealing to prevent excessive gas leakage. Astaara Products addresses this crucial aspect, ensuring that the gas composition within the packaging remains intact.

Keep in mind that a “zero leak” mark is nearly impossible to achieve. Our range of leak detection tools focuses on determining the maximum permissible leak value for each product. This way, we help with improving MAP packaging shelf life.

The GammaLab, a key player in our range, supports the establishment of a correlation between the size of the leak and the change in oxygen content over time. This lets businesses set a Critical Limit, ensuring that their products maintain their essential characteristics—taste, crispiness, and colour—maximizing the overall customer experience throughout the entire shelf life.

Automated Precision with GammaPro:

Astaara’s GammaPro takes the monitoring and evaluation of MAP to the next level. This advanced tool allows for the automatic measurement of oxygen concentration within the packaging without human intervention. This data is then compared with the expected oxygen concentration delivered by the machine.

This feature becomes particularly invaluable during production transitions, such as night shifts, where different products with distinct gas recipes are processed.

GammaPro ensures that the gas modification is executed accurately, providing peace of mind to supervisors who can inspect the results the next day. Furthermore, the ability to perform an automatic leak test immediately after production verifies that the packaging remains within the anticipated range, aligning with the Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) Plan.


Key Features of Astaara Products to Support MAP

Altitude Simulation:

With the AlphaLab, businesses can test the resilience of their packaging at altitudes up to 20,000 feet. This innovative simulation provides valuable insights into when and at what altitude the packaging begins to leak. Astaara takes the lead in offering this crucial testing capability, catering to the diverse needs of industries relying on flexible packaging solutions.

Revolutionizing Leak Tests in Confined Spaces

Leak tests on products with minimal space between the product and the film (headspace) often present challenges. Conventional hollow needles frequently get stuck in the product, resulting in unreliable test results.

Recognizing this issue, Astaara has developed and patented the AlphaTower, a unique perforation method that prevents needle blockage. This innovative solution ensures reliable and accurate leak tests even in scenarios where traditional methods fall short. Astaara’s commitment to addressing real-world challenges is evident in the innovation embedded within the AlphaTower.

Automating Leak Detection with Precision

Astaara’s AlphaPro emerges as the industry’s sole solution for automated sample leak detection on flexible packaging, eliminating the need for human intervention. This groundbreaking technology empowers manufacturers in the food, pet care, and cosmetic industries to seamlessly manage leak detection processes. With AlphaPro, immediate digital test results are at your fingertips, streamlining the analysis and decision-making process. Astaara’s commitment to automation not only enhances efficiency but also ensures the reliability of leak detection in real-time.

The Bottom Line:

In conclusion, Astaara Products plays a pivotal role in optimizing the efficacy of MAP packaging. As we continue to embrace innovative solutions for food preservation, the importance of maintaining the integrity of the gas composition within the packaging cannot be overstated.

With GammaLab and GammaPro, businesses can confidently navigate the complexities of MAP, ensuring that their products not only meet but exceed consumer expectations by delivering freshness and quality throughout the entire shelf life. Astaara Products is the bridge between advanced technology and the timeless art of preserving food at its best.


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