Leak Testing Hershey’s Chocolate Bar

The packaging leaks (leak = 3.6 sccm) at a pressure of 50 mBar.

• We use flow measurement at a constant pressure, which is the only method that works. Pressure drop does not work on flexible packaging.

• We identify and measure leaks from 5 microns. • The same Astaara machine can also determine the altitude at which a hermetically sealed package starts to leak.

• A simple bubble test does not allow measurement and is therefore not suitable for ISO 22000 / HACCP.

• With Astaara instruments, you can measure your leaks in immersion, enabling you to locate and measure them.

• After measuring and optimizing your hermeticity, your packaging can remain leak-free until the last day of the shelf-life. Your brand is protected, and the customer experience is maintained.

• Our perforating tower has an integrated solid thin conical stainless-steel pointer that never gets clogged, and operates fully without any septum. The red curve indicates the leakage value in cc/min. The yellow curve shows the pressure in mBar.


You pack snacks and want to be sure that your packaging is airtight?

Contact us at info@astaaratechnology.com, we are specialists in leak testing for flexible packaging.

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